Villa Pehuenia

This small and picturesque village was founded in the centre west area of the province of Neuquén, surrounded by a majestic mountain range. It is situated on the northern bank of Aluminé Lake, among pehuen covered mountains, prehistoric trees that give their name to the town. It lies 991 miles away from Buenos Aires, and 192 miles from Neuquén Capital City, in Aluminé department, within the tourist area called Patagonia of Lakes.

Cómo comunicarse

CP (ZIP): 8345
DDI: 00 54 2942
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Secretaría Municipal de Turismo

Teléfono: (02942) 498044
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Discover the power of nature

The wealth of Villa Pehuenia as to tourist resources is inexhaustible, and the city is turning into a unique place for those who love peace and nature in a mountain environment.
From Villa Pehuenia you can follow all the Pehuenia circuit, where centenary pehuenes, Antartic beeches, lengas, and coigues form a dense vegetation among mountain ranges, lakes and brooks, turning this trip into an earthly paradise for you to fully enjoy.
You can also admire the amazing Bella Durmiente Hill (Sleeping beauty) or the incredible petroglyphs from the Piedra Pintada scenic overlook, or visit the neighbour country of Chile through Icalma international crossing.

In a corner of the mountain range

Aluminé Lake, Villa Pehuenia

This village is situated only 9 miles from the border with Chile. It was created by a planning strategy of the provincial state, on 20th January 1989, with the aim of controlling the offer of these lands.
In Villa Pehuenia there is a scarce and scattered population of approximately 404 people (according to the survey carried out by the General Direction of Statistics and Census of Neuquén province, in October 2005). Its main economic activity is the breeding of ovine and bovine livestock, the exploitation of forests, and the development of tourist activities: building, services, timber production, and workforce for the maintenance and caring of houses as a second residence.

Everything to do

Camping in Villa Pehuenia

The majestic nature, together with the gradual development of the infrastructure of tourist services, turns this village into a place which offers endless tourist possibilities. From the practise of water sports – rafting and kayaking or boat tours down Aluminé, Ñorquinco, Moquehue and Pulmarí rivers, or sport fishing in Aluminé, Litrán, and Nompehuén lakes, among others, to horseback riding, climbing, big game hunting or trekking excursions through green trails that go up and down between mountain ranges and forests of centenary pehuenes.


Batea Mahuida Snow Park

In winter, Batea Mahuida Snow Park (6,666 feet above sea level), located 5 miles away from the village, on lands that belong to the mapuche Puel community, offers snow lovers the option to practise downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snow track, snowshoe, or sleigh tours.
The park is managed by this mapuche Puel community, and currently offers different services for the whole family. It has a café, and in the town centre you can find inns, hotels, apart-hotels, cottages, tourist complexes and camping sites.

The resources of Villa Pehuenia as regards tourism are inexhaustible. This is why it is turning into a unique place, for lovers of nature in the mountain range and for peace seekers.