Resident Birds

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Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus): it measures 53 centimeters. Excellent glider, its wings form a «V” shape and it flies up to a 2,000 m. altitude. It abounds in coasts and low and middle valleys. It feeds on carrion that finds with its keen eyesight and sense of smell. It is usually in groups and nests between rocks, cracks and cliffs.

Lake Duck (Oxyura vittata): it measures 31 centimeters. It swims and flies, but its specialty is diving. It is always accompanied by its partner. It nests on the ground. It has a noticeable turquoise and white band in its wings in flight.

White-Tipped Plantcutter (Phytotoma rutila): it measures 17 centimeters. It is in forests and shrublands. Its beak is strong and sturdy, with a serrated edge. Its trill resembles the sound of a hinge. The female cares for the chicks and has brownish colors.

Burrowing Parrot (Cyanoliseus patagonus): it measures 42 centimeters. It is sedentary although sometimes it moves to look for fruits, seeds, buds and flowers. They are hunted by birds of prey. It nests in cavities. Sometimes they are considered pests and many are kept in captivity as pets. Let’s avoid this attitude!

Patagonian Mockingbird (Mimus patagonicus): it measures 22 centimeters. It imitates songs of other birds with very melodious voice, which it uses to indicate its territory. It only exists in America and in this area there are three species: Patagonian, white-banded and chalk-browed.

White-Throated Cacholote (Pseudoseisura gutturalis): it measures 21 centimeters. It is endemic to Argentina and mountains. Its flight is weak; it prefers to walk on the ground or on bushes. Its voice is strong and unmelodious. Its colors are not flashy. It builds huge nests made of sticks.

Pied-Billed Grebe (Podilymbus podiceps): it measures 28 centimeters. Good diver, can fly but rarely does. IT almost always has a floating nest to raise its chicks. It eats fish, mollusks, crustaceans and aquatic insects.

Austral Negrito (Lessonia rufa): it measures 11 centimeters. Mostly on ground, restless and very trusting. It likes to make short little runs near water. The rufous color stands out on its back, which is more emphasized during the breeding period.

Austral Thrush (Turdus falcklandii): it measures 24 centimeters. It is characterized by its swaying tail and drooping wings. It frequents gardens and urban trees, spending much time on the ground where digs out worms. It sings from dawn to evening hours.

Great Egret (Ardea alba): it measures 65 centimeters. Slow flight, with a collected neck. It occupies low aquatic environments but it isn’t a swimmer. It nests in reeds, shrubs or trees, feeding on fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects and small mammals.

Patagonian Swallow (Tachycineta meyini). it measures 13 centimeters. Acrobatic flight, with frequent glides, both at high altitudes and at ground or water level, where it hunts insects or drinks in flight. It nests only in Patagonia and flies in flocks. Some migrate in winter to Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.

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