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Neuquén province holds a wealth of palaeontological resources. It is an extraordinary reservoir of extinct species of plants and animals, especially terrestrial vertebrates and marine invertebrates, belonging to different groups and with varied ecological characteristics.

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In the middle of the Andes Mountain Range, in the northwest of Neuquén province, lies Caviahue – Copahue, a wonderful tourist centre. It is located almost 6,666 feet above sea level, near the Argentine – Chilean international border crossing, at the foot of Copahue volcano (9,750 feet above sea level), and on the banks of a large water mirror formed by Caviahue lake (5,333 feet above sea level). It lies 979 miles from Buenos Aires, and 229 miles from Neuquén Capital City. This town, along with Locopué and Las Lajas, constitutes the tourist area called Thermal Patagonia.
It holds hotels, inns, lodges, apart-hotels, cottages and ATLs (Alternative Tourist Lodging).

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