Presently, there is a growing tendency to demand sportive activities in natural tourist destinations that offer landscape diversity. This created and gave prominence to a product that combines tourism and sport. For this reason, golf is a sport that in the past few years has started to generate tourism.

The development of golf in the province of Neuquén is based on its dependence on other tourist products, such as dinosaurs, wine tourism, local gastronomy, handicrafts, historical tourism, and business, among others.

This sport is practised in places of great scenic beauty that become unique when the court design is adapted to the different landscapes. Men know how to blend golf courts with natural scenery, creating an attractive environment that always makes golfers want to return.

This is one of the finest sports, since the courts must fulfil certain characteristics, offer certain comforts, have certain facilities and be constantly innovating and searching to make progress in the services they lend.