White water rivers of the province offer all degrees of difficulty to those who want to practise this activity, from beginners to the most demanding and fearless visitors. Aluminé River is a great option for rafting lovers.

Another option is Hua Hum River, which crosses the Valdivian forest that extends up to both sides of the river.

Kayak in Aluminé river, photo: Efraín Dávila

Kayaking is an activity that can be practised on lagoons, rivers and dykes in the whole province.

Limay River is ideal for beginners, and Ruca Choroy River is one of the best in Patagonia for this sport, especially for those who like strong emotions.

Rafting in the rivers of Neuquén

Pulmarí, Hua Hum, Quillén, Traful and Litrán, in the south of the province, are excellent rivers for the practise of kayaking.