Andes Mountain Range, Viento (Wind) Mountain Range and the volcanoes of the province are a paradise for those who wish to conquer the summits of Neuquén. To make this experience unforgettable, you should count on the knowledge and safety that only a mountain expert tourist operator can give you.

To reach the summit of Lanín volcano, 12,586 feet high, is one of the emotions that most lovers of this activity wish to feel. Domuyo Hill, the highest peak in Patagonia, with its 12,586 feet; Copahue and Tromen volcanoes, and Corona and Chachil Hills, are some of the other options.

Hundreds of climbers try to challenge the high peaks of Neuquén each year. 360º landscapes surround them with their amazing lenga forests and amancay (hippeastrum) flowers.

Copahue volcano

In Neuquén, climbers from all over the world can choose to ascend mountains through rocky or icy surfaces, or both, which allow them to use all their strength, technique, and art.

For beginners, there are less demanding routines, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the mountain and the heights.