At the peak of the European summer season, from mid June until October, the runs in Chapelco Hill (San Martín de los Andes), one of the most important winter resorts in South America, in Bayo Hill (Villa La Angostura) and in Caviahue Hill invite you to enjoy the snow and the mountain.

Safe lifts and world-class hotel and gastronomy services complete an offer that cannot be surpassed. Snowboarding lovers have exclusive areas with jumps, bumps and railings to perfect their different modalities.

In Neuquén, millenarian lakes and forests are part of a privileged landscape for downhill, cross-country, telemark and off piste skiing. Snowmobile tours, sleighs pulled by Siberian or Alaskan huskies, and snowshoe trekking complete the offer mainly in the snow parks of Batea Mahuida, Primeros Pinos and Wayle Hill

Chapelco Ski Resort is a family winter sports centre that offers a variety of runs, which can be used by all levels of skiers. Framed by magnificent natural scenery, millenarian lenga forests lead the way along most of the runs. Volcanoes, lakes and mountain ranges complete this unique landscape, ideal to live in direct contact with nature. Among the many activities that families can do on the Hill, we can mention snowmobile tours, or tours on sleighs pulled by Siberian and Alaskan huskies, snowshoe trekking and skiing or snowboarding in an exclusive Snow Park, full of bumps.
Tourists that arrive at Chapelco Hill can enjoy the city of San Martín de los Andes only a few miles from there, with its hotels, including some 5 star hotels, lodges, apart-hotels and cottage complexes, restaurants, cafés, discos and a casino, among other first quality services for them to have the most pleasant stay.

In the exclusive Villa La Angostura, Bayo Hill (located only 3,75 miles from the centre area) and its Ski Centre – Boutique in Argentina offer tourists a versatile and extensive services proposal, targeted for families with children and adolescents.
One of the strongest points of this proposal is the magnificent panoramic view that you get from the hill. Besides, and always taking care of details, Bayo deepens its exclusivity profile and offers new services and activities, all with an elegance that looks to satisfy the highest requirement standards of its guests.

Only 225 miles from Neuquén Capital City, a short distance given the immensity of Patagonia, and 975 miles from Buenos Aires City, Caviahue – Copahue offers tourists multiple options for the winter season. Land of Araucarias and thermal springs, and cascades that end in a blue lake that changes into turquoise, this tourist destination in Thermal Patagonia is dominated by Copahue volcano, which stands in the middle of the mountain range.
Caviahue and Copahue are two towns that make up only one municipality. They lie 11 miles away from one another, within a provincial park that was created to preserve the millenarian forest of araucarias, and to develop the thermal resource, which is fully exploited during the summer season, because in winter Copahue is completely covered in snow and can only be reached by snowmobiles.
Being 5,490 feet above sea level, this ski destination has the particular characteristic of a cold and dry weather, which guarantees a long 5 month season of powder snow. A distinctive characteristic of this place is the possibility to combine all the adrenaline of skiing with relaxing spa sessions. In Caviahue there is a branch of the Provincial Thermal Entity of Neuquén, where visitors can get hydromassages with thermal water, thermal mud treatments and massages or simply recover their energy.
The other distinctive characteristic is the closeness of the ski centre to the services area of the tourist centre.

Batea Mahuida Snow Park fuses the Mapuche culture with winter sports, since it is run by the mapuche Puel community. Its season is one of the longest, given that it begins in June and ends in October, due to its location and because its slopes are wind free and have large amounts of snow.
From the top of Batea Mahuida hill (6,333 feet above sea level), you can enjoy the magnificent landscape, and admire Aluminé and Moquehue lakes, and Villarrica, Llaima and Lonquimay volcanoes (in Chile), as well as the village and Icalma international border crossing.
Those who choose this destination in winter will also be able to practise hiking around the village and its surroundings, among millenarian forests and towards different points of tourist interest, like beaches and natural scenic overlooks.

Wayle Hill Snow Park lies in the north of Neuquén province. It offers basic equipment and infrastructure to tourists that visit the park attracted by the snow and then get amazed by nature in the region.
In front of Tromen volcano, Wayle hill stands majestically with its 10,980 feet. This year it opens its eighth ski season, an example of the development that this snow park is experiencing. Each season it receives more visitors, both residents and tourists, mainly from the High Valley of Río Negro and Neuquén, and from other provinces. This snow park is the main tourist attraction of the north during the winter season.
Around 5,000 people, including residents and tourists, enjoyed last season’s winter activities visiting this destination in Neuquén, especially during winter holidays and weekends.
The hill looks like a diagonal open crater. This original geography forms a kind of inner giant tub that allows visitors to practise ski until November. Given the amount of snow accumulated and the variety of runs, people can practise downhill and cross-country skiing and take snowmobile tours. Its runs are still under study to plan their potential development.

Primeros Pinos is protected by a beautiful araucaria forest and it is chosen by the residents of the High Valley of Río Negro and Neuquén and its surroundings, because it is the closest winter destination to Neuquén Capital City. Besides, it is an excellent place to start learning downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding.