Copahue thermal springs are worldly renowned for the qualities of their waters and mud, used for different therapeutic treatments. The complex offers kinesiology, gym, massotherapy, hydro-massages, and mud therapy services for the enhancement of health, body and spirit.
The activity is developed mainly from the middle of November to the middle of May.

Del Chancho lagoon in Copahue

Other options are Domuyo thermal springs, renowned for their healing properties, and Epulafquen thermal springs, near Junín de los Andes, which are especially recommended to relief rheumatic ailments, hepatic deficiencies, and dermatological problems.

Thai massage in Lahuen-co Thermal Spa.

Each of these thermal springs has different facilities, and offers varied attractions and benefits.
This is an activity that can be done as a complement of others. For instance, it is possible to practise skiing along with thermalism, an option offered by Caviahue, using waters and mud from Copahue thermal springs. After walking, climbing or skiing for a whole day, nothing better than submerging in sulphurous hot waters.

Aguas Calientes stream (hot water) near Domuyo, in the norh of Neuquén

In Caviahue, the thermal spa offers treatments in a building located in the property of ISSN Hotel (Neuquén Institute of Social Security). This spa has qualified personnel and adequate facilities for tourists to enjoy their stay.