Currently, urban people are frequently forced by a need to bond with nature, to look for their origins and simple ways of living, in which the family, the handicrafts and homemade food, among other things, become more and more, a necessity.

Rural tourism allows visitors to witness and experience the customs and ways of living of the country people, enjoying the natural environment and the hospitality that is usual of people in farm houses, in a setting of typical country farms and buildings. It also offers you the possibility to do a wide range of recreational and rural activities and sports. There are two types of rural tourism in Neuquén: farm tourism and countryside tourism.

Farm tourism

Spread throughout the province, there are many farms engaged in the production of fine fruits and stone and pip fruits, the growing of vegetables, the making of jams, the packing of fruits, the breeding of farm animals, and the manufacturing of cheese and sausages, among others.

You can take part in the farming works, garden vegetables, pick fruit, prepare and taste typical food, and follow production and interpretation trails.

Countryside tourism

The other option, countryside tourism, offers visitors the possibility to learn about farming and forestry activities that develop in a natural environment in vast country spaces which also hold native forests. They are situated all along the province, so visitors can admire diverse landscapes that vary according to their location: from mountains, forests and rivers, to the Patagonian steppes.

Different activities can be enjoyed in the countryside, such as the breeding of ovine, bovine and equine cattle, and the shearing, milking, and branding of animals. Or you may choose to practise sport hunting or fishing, bird watching, or some adventure activities such as trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking or rafting, accompanied by expert guides.